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The appearance of COVID-19 in our lives has brought about numerous unexpected circumstances. Items we took for granted have become hot commodities in this strange era of quarantine. Certain things we can all live without for a time, but for our medical community on the front lines of this epidemic, they are in the precarious predicament of dealing in shortages of protective gear while serving the needs of their patients. Masks meant to be discarded after short term use are being worn for entire 12-14 hour shifts in efforts to maintain our medical workers safety, while also conserving gear in short supply. The resulting strain of this practice quickly circulated on social media as one professional after another shared the physical toll of long term mask usage. Bruised faces and blistered ears were the price paid to maintain their safety and the safety of their patients. This incited in those safe at home a desire to love their neighbor and help serve in a way that eased the burden of those tirelessly fighting to curb the spread of this virus.


Seeing a tangible means to meet a local need, a group of ladies at Reformation Church took on the project of supplying special headbands to an area hospital. Digging through personal craft stashes and gathering what other supplies were necessary; our seamstresses modified fabric headbands by affixing buttons that medical masks can attach to, thereby relieving the strain of protective gear worn by our medical professionals. Upon delivery, the headbands were accepted with great appreciation from the staff who received them. It was a privilege for Reformation Church to minister to those who are laboring so relentlessly.


Service to the community during this time has certainly taken on unique shapes as most of us are housebound, but God has orchestrated ample opportunity to continue to provide for the needs of others. We are grateful to our medical professionals and the rest of the hospital staff who take on the call of providing care for the afflicted.. We at Reformation Church look forward to other means of serving in the days to come as the world continues to deal with the recovery and aftereffects of COVID-19.