Coffee Talk
Each Sunday at 9am, teens and adults gather with coffee in hand, for discussion and learning of the ancient faith that reforms lives. The curriculum is provided through Ligonier Connect.

New Reformers Class
We don't just have members, we have Reformers. A Reformer is someone who worships, learns about, and serves God. This class is designed for those that want to be a part of the mission of Reformation Church.

Reformer Pathways
Being a Reformer doesn't stop after a class; in fact, it doesn't stop for our entire lifetimes. This course guides an individual through a structured discipleship process that goes from being a new believer to one that can stand mature enough to help others in their discipleship.

Conferences & Workshops
Throughout the years, we have done movie premiers, conferences, and smaller workshops on a number of topics. As these special events arise, they will be added to our calendar. Please check out our Event Page for all our latest events.

Our Pastors and mature Christians are here to help you. The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone. Come into a community that values and honors vulnerability so that you can be filled with grace and truth.