What To Expect


Sunday - 10:30am Worship Service
Lasting, Timeless Order for Life

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Welcome to Reformation Church. Here are some things can expect when you visit:

Grace and Truth that is transformative

We live in a world that is broken, and we ourselves are broken people. But there is hope. In the Gospel, God can bring a renovation to your life. Our mission is Reforming Lives. We want to bring God's reformation to your life. We are dedicated to give you timeless truth in loving grace.


When you come to Reformation Church you will receive a warm greeting. You aren't just welcome here, you are wanted here. We also invite you to eat a meal with us during one of our regularly scheduled Fellowship Meals.

A Message that is Biblically Faithful

We at Reformation Church are dedicated to expository preaching. We preach book by book and verse by verse through the Bible. That means we do not shy away from any passage of Sacred Scripture. The message of the sermon is the message of God's Word and not just our opinions.

A Lasting, Timeless Order to life

Our age is very confusing. Things change so constantly it is hard to keep up. We are inundated with so many voices and so much information it can be hard to know what we should do in life. Discover an ancient way of living that has stood through the centuries and transformed countless lives.

Family Friendly

We believe it is beautiful to see families together in worship. We encourage people of all age groups and generations to worship together in one service. Nursery services are available for those 3 years old and younger.

Meaningful Community

In our age of connectivity it may be harder than ever to find real, meaningful connection. Find a place of belonging. Reformation Church is a real, down to earth, community of believers and reformers. We aren't just a church that you can attend, we are a church where you can belong.